All our value chain is under one roof...


Powerful In-House Design Studio following the entire creative process

More than 75 years of design & colour archives available for research
A Design Department ready to team with the customer for co-creation
State-of-the-art Design and Sampling systems to develop customized proposals integrated from our regular full range collection and brand/customer inputs


Lean & Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

Direct & quick access to sampling
Ultimate facilities (weaving, manufacturing) to ensure highest quality and quick time-to-market


Full range of accessories and techniques

  Ties & Bowties  -  Woven, printed, knitted
  Hankies & Bandanas  -  Printed 
  Scarves & Foulards  -  Woven, knitted
  Socks  -  Knitted
  Swimwear  -  Printed
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