Familia Andreu has owned and managed the company since 1940. 
Now it is the fourth generation of the family leading from the management a multi-lingual, multi-cultural team 
of skilled professionals in all fields of our industry.
Our historical archives and the know-how achieved over the years constitute a unique asset that makes it possible to develop projects from tradition and excellence.

Customer Focus
Provides thoughtful solution and outstanding experience to our external and internal customers

Strive for new ideas, better ways, better products, 
at any time and any place

Execution Excellence
Achieves superior results aligned with our business goals through setting clear goals, delegation, follow-through, and coaching

Collaboration & Partnership
Works as one team by staying openness, sharing resources, building a strong and trustworthy relation, supporting others, and acknowledging contributions in order to promote our success

Be trustworthy and share the same amount of care, respect and communication amongst each other

Embrace challenges with a positive attitude. 
Explores and creates excitement and enjoyment in our workplace. Pursues growth and learning

Demonstrates enthusiasm and expertise at work to drive sustainable fashion industry business
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